About Us

Bandit Fiction are a digital publisher based in the North East of England. A not-for-profit organisation ran by volunteers, we aim to give opportunities to new and emerging writers and artists. In particular, we want to hear from writers in education.

Instead of repeating all the information on our website, if you’re interested further then check out our website – link’s at the top of the page.

Our Blog

While our blog will invariably lead into our other things – our website, Facebook, Instagram etc – we want it to be a separate entity. yes, we’ll advertise what we’re doing and yes, at times we’ll try and sell you things; we are, after all, a business. But more than that, our blog is here to try and connect with our readers, to try and give an awareness of what running a publishing company entails, and to try and promote our writers as much as we can.

It’s early stages right now, but some of the things we hope to do are:

  • A general space for us to announce our latest news, and provide updates.
  • Interviews with the writers we publish, allowing readers to get to know them, their motivations, writing techniques, and more.
  • Guest blogs from published writers, sharing their experience of the industry and hopefully answering questions.
  • Hosting our competitions.
  • Advertising our submission periods and our publications, including our podcasts and any special editions we work on.

I hope that’s enough to have piqued your interest.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch with us through Facebook or Twitter.