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Slow and Steady

Hey guys! It's been a little while, hasn't it? I must confess that my life recently has been a little hectic, and I've barely had time to sit down. But, I have a small reprieve here for the week, and therefore I've come to talk about how the society has been going at the moment,… Continue reading Slow and Steady

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Interview: Seb Jay

Seb Jay is an Illustrator/Artist hailing from the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. After earning a BA Hons in Illustration from UCLAN and spending the last few years working in Graphic Design, he has recently decided to re-enter the world of art and illustration. He enjoys creating artwork and illustrations that capture the seemingly ordinary, trivial… Continue reading Interview: Seb Jay

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The Blind Leading the Blind

Hello Readers, I mentioned a little while ago that I'd be talking about my experiences as President of a Creative Writing Society at university. Consider this the first episode of sorts, where I'll be talking about how I came to be involved with the society in the first place, before I became the President. During… Continue reading The Blind Leading the Blind

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Every Story Has A Beginning…

Hi guys! My name’s Dan. I’m a freelance editor for Bandit Fiction, and starting today, I’ll be rambling here as well. Given that the theme we’re currently accepting entries for is writers in education (as an aside, if that interests you, you can find more info here;, it seems fitting for me to tell… Continue reading Every Story Has A Beginning…


On Being a Publishing Company for Writers in Education

One of our key goals when starting up was to give extra opportunities to writers in education. As a team, each one of us has studied Creative Writing at University, and so we all know the struggles and the disconnect that there can be between writing for University, and writing as a career and for… Continue reading On Being a Publishing Company for Writers in Education

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Our Restricted Issue

When setting up Bandit Fiction, one of our key objectives was to give extra opportunities to new and unpublished writers, and to writers in education. And when gathering feedback about what writers want publishers to offer, a similar request came up - over 2/3rds wanting more opportunities for new and emerging writers. As such, we've tweaked our… Continue reading Our Restricted Issue